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Pets on bed

My pets don't know the difference between my girlfriend and a bunch of pillows under the sheets.

I have discovered some people don't let their pets in bed because it's unsanitary. Some don't even let them in the bedroom!

be it resolved: Pets in bed. Yes? No?

What do you do when "the mood" kicks in? Leave them there? Kick them out? As you can see, my Shih tzu is a c**kblocker.


Or just post "pets in bed" photos. Whee!


Mar. 30th, 2011 03:49 am (UTC)
to OP - there's someone under those cats and covers?? if there is, i seriously cannot tell LOL.

i keep seeing articles insisting that pets should be locked out of the bedroom for allergy/sanitary/better sleep purposes, and i'm fully convinced that these people either a) don't have pets or b) have Stepford pets that never move a paw or whisker out of turn (in other words, they need a reality check--pets usu don't behave that well :P)

yes - Meru sleeps with me. sometimes she will go sleep on the couch (and sometimes i boot her furry ass off the bed) but 99% of mornings, i wake up and either feel her curled up next to me or look around after opening my eyes and spot her.

or i get this view:

bonus--mid-December, i bought a new fleece blanket and put it on the bed after changing the sheets out. of course, she decided to claim it five seconds later :P

Edited at 2011-03-30 03:59 am (UTC)