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Pets on bed

My pets don't know the difference between my girlfriend and a bunch of pillows under the sheets.

I have discovered some people don't let their pets in bed because it's unsanitary. Some don't even let them in the bedroom!

be it resolved: Pets in bed. Yes? No?

What do you do when "the mood" kicks in? Leave them there? Kick them out? As you can see, my Shih tzu is a c**kblocker.


Or just post "pets in bed" photos. Whee!


Mar. 25th, 2011 04:03 pm (UTC)
If it were up to me I'd say no, but since I can't be bothered to shut my door during the day the cat gets on my bed when I'm up. I've found poo smears and litter on my blankets/sheets and it disgusts me. I try really hard not to think about what I'm not seeing.

He won't sleep with me though because I panic in my sleep if something is holding down my legs. He's tried laying on me to be catapulted across the room one too many times. Now he sleeps elsewhere. And my dog has never been allowed in the bed.