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Pets on bed

My pets don't know the difference between my girlfriend and a bunch of pillows under the sheets.

I have discovered some people don't let their pets in bed because it's unsanitary. Some don't even let them in the bedroom!

be it resolved: Pets in bed. Yes? No?

What do you do when "the mood" kicks in? Leave them there? Kick them out? As you can see, my Shih tzu is a c**kblocker.


Or just post "pets in bed" photos. Whee!


Mar. 25th, 2011 03:49 pm (UTC)
Yes. The cats (all three of 'em!) and the dog are both welcome, just not at the same time. Most nights, the dog sleeps in her crate and the cats sleep in the bed, but sometimes I lock the cats out of the bedroom and let the dog up if she's been especially good.

The cats usually take off when sex starts happening, and the dog sleeps with us infrequently enough that the question hasn't even come up yet. But I imagine we'd just pop her back in her crate. When my BF and I got together we were in college, living in a frat house with a zillion random animals, and I kept fish for a long time, so animal eyes on us doesn't even register any more, lol