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Dig It

If your neighbor's dog dug under your fence and into your yard, what would you do? Would your answer change if it happened multiple times? What if the neighbor had taken steps to block dog from digging under the fence, but pup was determined and got around the anti-digging measures?


Feb. 9th, 2011 04:26 pm (UTC)
Honestly, we'd have a problem. I go to great lengths to make sure my dog stays contained. She would have to get through two gated, fenced areas to roam. I don't want to deal with the possible consequences of having my dog running free. My dog is part pit and the deck is stacked against her to begin with. So even though the neighbor would be at fault if their dog were to get in my yard and a fight break out it would be my dog public opinion turns against.

If their dog kept digging into my yard I would report it. I'd have to. I'd want it documented that their dog is at fault. If the dogs did fight and one was hurt I don't want to be sued because they lied and said my dog made the hole. In fact, I've seen that exact scenario on one of the judge shows.

Years ago I had a greyhound who got out and attacked a pomeranian. Even though the little dog was out too and even though the owner said her dog ran up to mine I was the one who got in trouble. I ended up paying $2000 in vet bills because that's the way the law works here. I was lucky that the cop was reasonable and spoke up on my behalf to the judge. I had a small fine and the case was dismissed rather than being ticketed and my dog in the system. Since then I don't mess around. I protect myself and my animals.